Food products

Give your product stability, the right shape, the right bite and a pleasant texture. The possibilities range from elastic fruit gums with a high gelatin concentration to puddings which melt in the mouth where only a minimal amount is added.
Biogel Gelatine für Lebensmittel

Dairy products & desserts

Even very small additions have a positive effect on the end product and are multifunctional in comparison with other stabilisation systems. Gelatin helps create a good “mouthfeel” and is used as a gelling and stabilising agent. The foam in dessert mousse does not collapse and retains its beautiful shape.

Meat & sausage

One of the main applications is the production of aspic and patés. The advantage lies in the clear, solid gel, which guarantees an excellent feeling in the mouth, even at high dosages. Gelatin plays a supportive role in spreads, ready-to-eat meals and tinned meat.
Biogel Gelatine für Lebensmittel
Biogel Gelatine für Lebensmittel

Confectionary products

The beloved gummy bears and fruit gums belong to the most popular gelatin applications. In contrast to fruit gums, a gelatin with a particularly good foaming ability is required for marshmallows.

For mixtures and stabilisation systems

In the food industry, final compounds are often used in addition to single components to reduce complexity. In these mixtures, gelatin supplements and supports other components such as thickeners, emulsifiers, enzymes, flavours and spices as an entire system.
Bio-Gelatine für Mischungen

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